Welcome to Repex Investment Management Co., Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor that has guided investors through the best of times and the worst of times, navigating clients’ assets in both up and down markets.  We have done so for three generations, managing clients’ investments and keeping them focused on their financial goals, their retirement, college education for their children, and other financial objectives.  Experience, professionalism, and service are what we are about and it does make a difference; combined they are priceless.

Depending on your financials and tolerance for risk, we manage investments accordingly.  Typically, conservatively managed for growth using large and mid-capitalization stocks.  We may balance a portfolio with stocks and fixed income securities to achieve the appropriate asset mix. We manage individual accounts, Pension and Profit Sharing plans, IRAs / IRA rollovers.

Corporate Pension Plans are managed with comparable investment objectives, since behind every Plan is an individual and potential retiree.